dans Panafricanism

Kemi Seba destroyed a piece of paper but the Franc CFA is destroying our lives

Following the mobilization organized by Urgences Panafricanistes against Françafrique and the CFA franc, on August 19th in Dakar, brother Kemi Seba was arrested for symbolically burning a 5000 CFA note. His fellow fighter Alioune Aboutalib Sow was also arrested.

It is the BCEAO, under the orders of France, who lodged a complaint. The same institution that had prevented the Ivorian state from accessing its own accounts while being bombed by the French army.

Nation Kamit is part of the fight for the total sovereignty of Africans all over the world. As such, we support this action by Kemi Seba and Urgences Panafricanistes and will contribute to the extent of our means to the defense of our unjustly jailed brothers.

Between Kemi Seba and the CFA / Françafrique system, we know who is the real PYROMANIAC.